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Poetry at Plumbrook
Plumbrook Knight News 4/23 - 4/27
Posted on 06/14/2018
Student Poetry

The Word

Grace Kidd, 4th Grade

Plumbrook Elementary

Ms. Chisholm


A word is a word no matter how strong

A word is a word no matter how long

A word can be used for good or for bad

A word can make someone happy or sad

So,  use you words the right way

It might not make yours but someone else’s day

Words can change the world

So, let’s make changes with words.




Luv is not the mushy stuff

Luv is not that ruff

Luv is just another way

Just another way to say

I like that you’re my friend

And I never want it to end

Also, luv is not pretend

So, let’s share luv with the world

No matter Boy or Girl.


Grace Kidd is a student in Ms. Chisholm’s fourth grade class who has expressed deep meaning in her poetry. Thank you Grace for sharing your wise words and a wonderful message with our Plumbrook community!