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Castle Café
The Castle Café is Open For Lunch (and breakfast)!
Posted on 01/26/2018
Castle CaféThe Castle Café is open for lunch (and breakfast)! New tables were not the only treat for our new lunchroom. We recently had our grand opening celebration! The students voted to name the new lunchroom. They chose the name Castle Café. 

We felt that, with the new lunch tables, and a couple changes that took place as a result of the tables, this would be a perfect time to go over lunchroom rules and expectation in the lunchroom. The kids were surprised to walk into the lunch room and see the tables decorated with table runners, centerpieces, menus, and music playing. Music in the lunchroom is going to be part of our Positive Behavior Intervention Support program. The students may also be surprised to see the lunchroom decorated throughout the year on special occasions.