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Plumbrook students are drawn to reading
Plumbrook students are drawn to reading
Posted on 04/07/2021
Students with portraitsLike their developing love of reading, students in Sarah Chisholm’s classroom are taking something with them they will have for the rest of their lives.

Students are celebrating March is Reading Month with a personal watercolor painting of them and their favorite book by professional artist Jeannie McCormick.

“I think it is a way to emphasize the importance of reading and art – things that are dear to my heart,” she said. “This is a fun way to surprise them and get them excited about their learning.”

Chisholm and McCormick, a Detroit-based artist, came up with the idea last year when they were looking for ways to make connections with students during remote learning. 

Families submit a picture of their children with a favorite book, which McMormick spent the past few months turning into a watercolor portrait painting. 

“The students are so excited when they see them,” Chisholm said.  “I had one student who literally had tears in his eyes.”

Student Evelyn Rini said that the pictures will be displayed outside the classroom “so that others can see it” before she brings it home to hang up in her room. 

“I was really happy when I saw it,” she said. “I liked all the colors.”

Medinah Krisafi said her picture will be displayed at her grandmother’s condo. 

“I love the picture and I was so excited when I saw it,” she said.